introducing Octapool- A new angle on pool


What is Octapool?

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FOR SALE PATENT   and TRADEMARK OCTAPOOL.COM OCTAPOOL.CO.UK APP APPLE ITUNES Included in the Sale Prototype Table with Coin Operation email OCTAGON table is an eight sided table with 4 coloured pockets at each end of the six short sides and 1 pocket for the black ball in the middle of one of the longer sides.The balls are coloured to correspond with the pockets: yellow, red, blue and green with one black ball and one white cue ball.

There are 2 different sized triangles, one to hold 21 balls for 1, 2 and 4 players playing, and one triangle to hold 16 balls when 3 people play.

When 1, 2 or 4 people play Octapool Pool, ALL 21 balls are used, but when 3 people play, the yellow balls are removed from the table leaving 16 balls for the game.

This is unique to OCTAPOOL POOL, as it allows anyone to play on their own.

The object of the OCTAPOOL POOL GAME is to pot the coloured balls into their corresponding coloured pockets with the black ball being potted into its own black pocket at the end of the game.

Octapool  Pool Game is a family orientated game and very challenging. Any age group or sex can play the game. It can be serious or fun.

There are 10 different games which can be played on the Octapool Pool Table, including conventional pool.                   FOR ADDED VALUE

The Octapool   Pool Table also doubles up as mini Casino, with it’s beautifully hand finished Black Jack and Roulette Top, which can easily insert into the top of the Octapool  Pool Table turning it into a mini Casino within minutes.  So for the price of one Octapool  Pool Table you have 10 variations of Pool, along with Black Jack and Roulette.

Another extra option is a trolley which can move the Octapool Pool Table from room to room or corner to corner email

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