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Octapool Games

iphone appoctapool table 4 set of balls roulette wheel coloured pocketsoctapool table top view roulette coloured pocketsoctapool table with 4 sets of balls that are used in the games


     The sets of Balls on the OCTAPOOL table are used to play 10 games.

The 9 Balls are used to play American Pool.

The 16 Balls are used to play the ‘Unique New Game’ of OCTAPOOL  for 3 persons.

The 21 Balls are used for 4 persons playing the OCTAPOOL Game.

The 8 Balls can be used for 8 Ball Pool. This can be tricky on the Octapool Table because of the Angles.

This Unique  Game makes a good ‘Evening In’ with family and friends.

With the shape of the Octapool table being 8 sided, the Flip Top can be placed on the top of the playing area, thus turning it into a Mini Casino - where Black Jack, Poker and Roulette can be played on it.

All these games make a great Leisure night at home or at Corporate Functions.

Designed by Mr. R. Campbell :   email

OCTAPOOL® You can now play Octapool Games on Apple App on the iPhone and iPod Download on iTunes   Free

FOR SALE PATENT/TRADEMARK OCTAPOOL.COM.OCTAPOOL.CO.UK.ITUNES Included in the Sale Prototype Table with Coin Operation email

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